This is sad news for many on the Seacoast.

Pat Sullivan, who owns the eatery Pat’s World Famous and happens to be my nephew, was informed by his landlord that the Hampton Beach Cascade Waterslide would be torn down in a couple weeks. Pat’s World Famous is part of the property owned by Hampton Beach Casino, of which the waterslide is also part of the casino property.

Sullivan said the landlord mentioned that they may put up an amusement park or even a parking lot in its place, but as of now, nothing official has been confirmed.

The Hampton Beach Cascade Waterslide never opened in 2020 due to the pandemic, according to At that point in time, they were hoping that they could open up in the summer of 2021, but it looks like that's not going to happen.

That slide has been part of Hampton Beach for decades. (Because I am "of a certain age," I remember when there was NO slide there at all.)

Many summers were spent trying to pick out the right bathing suit so it wouldn't fly off while going down the slide!

Pat's World Famous, which opened in 2019, is right at the end of the bottom of the slide. That spot, along with the other numerous places to eat down there, was super convenient for hungry families partaking in the slide fun.

An email and phone call has been placed with the office manager of the Hampton Beach Casino, but they have not responded at this time.

Goodbye, Cascade Waterslide. Thanks for the memories after all these years.

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