Each day on my drive through Dover up to Middle Road to host afternoons in the Shark Tank, I'd pass a construction site just off Spaulding exit 7 by the Sullivan Tire.

Slowly but surely, the structure was built, the pavement went down and by the looks of the soon-to-open building, I tried to guess what it must be (bank? pharmacy? fast food restaurant? coffee shop?)

It got to be my daily detective work to try to sleuth clues (notably when the sign, under wraps, went up).

I went on the air earlier this week and said, "What the heck is that spot gonna be? Surely someone will let the cat outta the bag!"

AND HARK! They did.

It is Portsmouth Hospital urgent care, and the sign revealed to read "Emergency!"

Turns out, seacoastonline.com had an article about the "freestanding emergency room." They reported that the building would be 10,000-square-foot and have 11 treatment rooms, including "bays for trauma care, behavioral health and pediatric care."

Leave it to the Shark audience to have the inside info!

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