The North Attleboro, Ma store is closing after one year of operation.

Joey Kramer
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer really enjoys his coffee. In recent years, however, he was finding it more difficult to find a cup of java that he really enjoyed. So he decided to get into the business calling it 'Rockin' and Roastin'.

Joey opened up coffee cafes and sells beans from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Sumatra.

But this closure, along with a closed cafe recently near Sunday River after being open for only six months, is a sign of difficult times in this competitive business.

In an article at The Sun Chronicle;

General manager Kat Gudmundsson told The Sun Chronicle in February that efforts were under way for more advertising reach and the company had added a new line of organic, fresh food products including smoothies and hand-made pastries.The y expected to celebrate a grand reopening in July, but it is unclear whether that took place.

You can still buy coffee at the 'Rockin and Roastin' website, but enjoying the ambience at the cafes that were decorated with memoriabilia from Joey's drumming career is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

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