TBH, I don't know who to believe in this saga. Anyway, here is a fan's reasoning.

First, allow me to qualify with my Aerosmith Rushmore: You See Me Crying, Toys in the Attic, Livin' On The Edge, Kings & Queens (album version). I still love this band.

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The truth of this matter is obviously somewhere in the middle. Joey choosing to sue his band-mates would be justified if his side were 100% legit, and the same goes for Aerosmith's rebuttal. It's latest in what's been an incredibly weird 10 years for the band. Steven Tyler doing American Idol, supposedly quitting the band, and then telling anyone who would listen he's working on "brand Tyler" was ridiculous. I mean, referring to your self in the third person AND as a brand was downright Kayne West-like. Then again, he was in rehab soon after. A frail Joe Perry nearly dying on stage because he was "exhausted?" This wasn't even an Aerosmith gig. This was Joe's side project with a then 68 year-old Alice Cooper.  Like most Aerosmith stories, there was likely more to this than what was reported. After multiple false starts, they release Music From Another Dimension, which had it's moments, but made even Just Push Play sound raw. They haven't attempted recording a new album in the 8 years since. Fast forward to Joey missing shows last year, and woah. There was also the time Joey caught fire pumping gas in the 90's. They stood by him through that.


Once you've digested that trip down memory lane, you can't help but see the writing on the wall. Aerosmith has had an amazing 50 year run. The original lineup (minus a few swaps in the 80's) is still in tact. 50 YEARS! The only other band I can think of in that category is ZZ Top, and there's only three of them to manage. This is the end of the road for Aerosmith. In fact, the Grammys might be the last high profile TV slot they ever do!



He said, they said aside, playing with another drummer at The Grammys is ridiculous. Taking Joey out now is the equivalent of a ball player who's pitching a shutout with two outs in the 9th, and pulling him. It's obvious the pitcher isn't going to throw heat on the final batter, but coach lets him have his moment. The fans are on their feet, and all the pitcher needs to do is get the batter to fly-out. If the band are really concerned about performance level, have him play to a backup track. Heck, Weekend at Bernie's it if you have to. Like any other artist who lip syncs at the Grammys, the audience just wants a show.

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Aerosmith haven't done many things right since Honkin' on Bobo (yes, that record was fantastic. Much better than you remember). This is the chance for them to close the game, walk off the mound, and wave to an adoring crowd. #FREEJOEYKRAMER