Imagine walking through an apartment, checking it out to see if you want to rent it, and you enter the final room of the tour, the kitchen.  But, there is no kitchen, instead there is a Burger King, a full on Burger King restaurant where the kitchen should be, complete with an employee ready to serve you a 'Whopper' and fries.  I'll take it!

Burger King in Spain launched their delivery service with this commercial.  At first I really thought there was an apartment for rent with a Burger King inside, obviously my dreams were crushed when I found out that wasn't the case.

How wonderful would it be to have your own personal Burger King?  I don't even need the employee, I'll fix my meals myself.  I just want the ability to have a 'Whopper' whenever I crave one, without changing out of my sweatpants and putting shoes on. I do love the reactions of the possible renters when they realize there is a Burger King and not a kitchen.  Man, I could go for a 'Whopper' right now!


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