When I was in college, I dated a girl who used to go to the store and buy tubes of cookie dough. Not because she wanted to bake me cookies. Nope...she would take the tube of cookie dough to the library, and eat it while she studied! And when they were little, my kids loved it when I'd make cookies. Not because they loved cookies. You guessed it...they loved the cookie dough.

Now we've all heard that eating raw cookie dough is bad for you. So a lot of people get their fix by eating cookie dough ice cream. It's never been one of my favorites. But hey, to each their own.

If you're one of those cookie dough lovers then this is the best news ever. The Thrillist says beloved ice cream makers Ben & Jerry's is taste testing something called Cookie Dough Chunks. That's right...just big chunks of cookie dough, minus the ice cream...and the risk for salmonella.

According to The Thrillist, the dough will come in a 1/2 pound bag containing 8 servings of the chunks. It'll come in two flavors: chocolate chip and peanut butter. And Ben & Jerry's is promising it's "the exact same dough" you know and love from the ice cream and it will be safe to eat because Ben & Jerry's is using "pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour."

The bad news is you can't get it unless you live in Vermont, you're willing to make a road trip, or you know someone who'll send it to. Vermont is the testing ground for Cookie Dough Chunks. Depending on how well it does there will determine whether or not it's available everywhere.

It doesn't sound like my kind of snack. But hey, I'm rooting for you cookie dough lovers.


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