Robocalls are getting out of control.  The ones that tell me I won a free cruise, or that my vehicle may be eligible for a warranty are annoying but some of these calls can lead to disaster.

According to, The U.S. Marshals are warning residents of New Hampshire of a particularly scary type of scam call.

The phone callers attempt to convince you that you must pay a particular type of fine, according to U.S. Marshall Nick Willard.

The callers are very intimidating and threaten the victims with arrest! They reportedly try and convince you to share banking information such as routing and account numbers or to purchase and send them prepaid debit cards and gift cards.

According to, the U.S. Marshals want residents to know they would never call and request banking information over the phone and don’t use methods of intimidation like giving out names of federal judges or law enforcement badge numbers.

Stay safe!

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