This new ad from 'across the pond' is one part time machine, one part Forrest Gump and a real tearjerker. Any Elton fan needs to see this immediately!

Apparently, John Lewis & Partners is a department store conglomerate in England, something along the lines of JCPenney or Sears here, and their annual Holiday advert (look at me I'm writing all Englishy I am, I am!) always goes above and beyond the norm.

I've been an Elton fan for over twenty years and I've heard him mention several times that 'Your Song' has always held a special place in his heart because it was his true breakthrough song and he never tires of hearing it or playing it.

That really gives this ad an air of authenticity.

And the 'Making of' video is equally as fascinating. I can't figure out if I'm more amazed by the prosthetic face masks or the similarity of the lookalikes.

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