Have you ever seen a more charismatic pose? This gorgeous Blue Nose Pit Bull Terrier named 'Axle' is from Raymond NH and has an amazing array of talents and awards. Just add The Shark's 'Pet Of The Month April 2021' to the list!


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Would you believe that Axle is 9 years old? He looks like a puppy!

This award winning, pensive pose photo was taken at one of his favorite places, the family camp in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. He is heralded as 'Best Kisser' in this city and has the award from 2019 to prove it.

The Blue Nose Pitbull Terrier is well regarded as a loving animal and it appears that Axle is behaving true to form.

These dogs naturally love people. Like, love-love people so much that you’ll have to do training to keep them from jumping up on people. So if you’re looking for a dog that will stop a burglar, look elsewhere.


- Innovetpet.com on the subject of Blue Nose Pit Bulls Behavior

Axle can speak perfect English, well, he mastery of the word 'OOOUT' is remarkable and he loves to have fun outdoors chasing his treats especially when they're hidden inside a durable Kong toy.

His love of the outdoors is so strong that the only way he can be brought inside to eat is when he is told that his food will be given to the neighbor's dog.

Showing once again, his grasp on the English language is as good as any human.

As far as squeaking toys, Axle has another exceptional ability as he can stop any squeaker from squeaking in just a matter of minutes. It is one of his true passions.

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