Which one would you rather choose when you are looking for a cold one?

I've always been a bottle-kind-of-guy when it came to my beer consumption.

To me, canned beer was something I tolerated with a common beer like Budweiser or Coors Light. You know when I don't really care about enjoying what I drink.

That has all changed in recent years as I continue to venture into the world of canned craft beer. Slowly but surely I am finding myself preferring the flavor within a popped tab over a bottle cap.

With our Granite State on Tap beer festival coming this Saturday, I wanted to see how everybody else takes their brews.

Bottles feel better to hold, have labels you can peel off in awkward situations and can turn into a weapon if you are attacked by bears. Cans, on the other hand, preserve the beer's flavor, are easier to store and can be crushed in satisfying ways.

So which is it? Bottles or cans?