Well, he addresses the Gronk injury situation briefly, then moves onto the Rams. Classic Belichick.

This press conference took place after the Patriots had released this statement on Gronk's injury:

"During the Seattle game on November 13, Rob sustained a hit to the chest that resulted in a pulmonary contusion to his lung. Rob was examined by several specialists at Massachusetts General Hospital as directed by the team, as well as an independent physician. He received medical clearance to return to play two weeks later for the New York Jets game on November 27. After a hit early in the Jets game, Rob began to experience significant back and leg pain. This injury forced him to leave the game and he did not return. With the help of the Patriots medical staff, along with the consultation of several medical experts, it has been determined that it is in Rob’s best long-term interest to undergo surgery to address his lower back injury. Rob is expected to have surgery tomorrow. We do not expect that he will be able to play for the remainder of the 2016 season, but will await the results of tomorrow’s surgery before making a final determination. Rob has always been one of our hardest workers and was voted captain for the leadership he provides on our team. We are deeply saddened any time a player is lost to injury. We are committed to assisting Rob throughout his recovery and look forward to his return to playing football for the New England Patriots.”

Doesn't look good for Gronk and the Patriots, even if they do make it to the Superbowl, I doubt he would play, and if he did how effective would he be?

I believe the Pats can win it all without Gronk, but it won't be as fun watching the post Superbowl celebrations if he's not involved. Plus, I genuinely feel bad for him, he works hard, he was named a captain and you know he wants to be on the field, but he can't stop getting injured. Sad.

Lets hope for the best, we'll know more after his surgery.