Jericho, beloved donkey and resident of Hobbs Farm in North Hampton, has passed away at the age of 30ish.

Jericho's caretaker sums it up the best:

People stopped from all over the eastern half of the United States to see him. Sometimes they were on vacation and it was an annual event. Some people were only a state away so it could be a weekly or monthly thing. Then there were the “in state” people that stopped by whenever they were down this way. Next, there was the Seacoast area people. They felt the need to feed him daily and suggest that he might need a friend, a companion, a chicken, dog or “something”.

I can remember visiting Jericho as a student at North Hampton Elementary. A trip to the Hobbs Farm was an annual field trip for the school.

And then there was the time he went "missing" and everyone in North Hampton started freaking out. Turns out, Jericho was just moved to the other side of the barn. Crisis averted. The lesson here is: the sun rises in the morning, the sun sets at night, and when you drive by the Hobbs Farm you have to see a white donkey named Jericho.

My other great memory of Jericho was introducing him to my wife (then girlfriend). We had driven by the farm so many times and seen the donkey roaming the fields enjoying the weather, munching on some hay, that my wife became enthralled with the idea of meeting him. Knowing that Jericho was a unique animal, I obliged.

What my wife didn't know was that you should feed donkeys with open hands, palms up, because, as she would soon find out, they can end up biting your fingers.

The fine folks from Throwback Brewery are asking that any donations in memory of Jericho be made to the ASPCA or NHSPCA.

RIP Jericho: He leaves behind decades of great memories from people near and far.