Say it Isn't So

What sad news I got yesterday when I saw on Facebook from a friend that Chunky's Cinema's in Nashua and Pelham are closing on May 9, 2024.  They have a location in Manchester, right next to the Mall of New Hampshire that will remain open.

Chunky's isn't Like Other Theaters

It was/is a different kind of movie theater.  My favorite location was in Nashua where the seats were not set up like a movie theater, they were set up with tables and huge, comfortable chairs that could swivel, recline and, if the movie wasn't to your liking, sleep in.

Chunky's served a menu of delicious food, so you could get there well before the movie started and have dinner, complete with waitstaff.  The food changed over the years.  When I first started going to the Nashua location, you could only get a few things similar to a pub menu.  Today, the menu ranges from Sneak Previews (apps) to Dessert.  The menu items have clever names like:

  • Jabba the Hot Fudge Sundae
  • Kevin Bacon Burger
  • To Infinity and Beyond Burger (Veggie)
  • Mission Impossible Nachos

Fond Memories at Chunky's in Nashua, New Hampshire

There are so many fond memories of Chunky's that people are sharing on their Facebook pages for Nashua and Pelham.  I too, will never forget was when I brought my Mother to the last movie she ever saw in a theater to Chunky's to see "Black Mass."  The movie is based on a true story about Whitey Bulger and the lead role was played by Johnny Depp.  I thought it would be very interesting and entertaining since my Mother kind of liked the "underdog," and she was often entertained by Gangster films.  This was not one of them.  Even though the movie wasn't great, the whole experience was unforgettable.  My Mom had pretty severe dementia at that time and one of her favorite things to do was to go out for food that she couldn't normally eat at home.  She had "gate-keepers" there of which I was not a part of.  I let her have whatever her little heart desired.  We ordered everything, including a couple of cocktails.  That was the best part for me.  Couple glasses of wine, comfy chair, no one to bother me, Mom was happy - good night!  It was great fun.

Thanks for the memories, Chunky's.  I'll have to go to Manchester now.

What's your favorite Chunky's memory?

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