It was just announced that Berklee College of Music is going fully online for the fall.  No one is really happy about it, however, the College decided it was the best course of action.  Berklee also merged with the Boston Conservatory a few years ago, so this means they will be online too.

According to their website,, 

Online teaching and learning are not new to Berklee. For the last two decades, our online school, Berklee Online, has been celebrated for its ability to provide engaging and varied learning experiences to students worldwide. Nothing can replicate a college campus, but when done right, online learning provides students with a robust and rewarding educational experience, one that is worthy of their talent and time, and that keeps them on track to achieve their goals.

It might be a good time to take courses at Berklee if you've always wanted to.  They are offering financial incentives, according to their website:

Students enrolling full-time in fall 2020 are eligible for two tuition-free credit-bearing courses (up to six credits), to be taken in summer 2021, toward their degree program requirements. Taken together, these initiatives amount to an almost 60% savings for our students.

This will be particularly hard for some of departments like, Ensembles.  The word itself means, "a group of supporting entertainers, as actors, dancers, and singers, in a theatrical production."  Apparently, they are going to send in their tracks individually, then someone else will put the music together.  It will be a GREAT semester for Music Production majors, so that's one silver lining.  The other is - the musicians that have to send it their tracks will get REALLY GOOD at keeping time.  If one person is off, the whole thing will be off.

Good luck to the musicians and their Professors.  I am certain that this will be a great growing experience for both of them!  Especially MY favorite Berklee Professor, David Newsam.  I love that guy.

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