When a beloved animal passes, it's always pretty devastating.  You might find yourself questioning where they went and are they at peace and out of pain, much like you might do if a human loved one passed away.

You may find comfort in Pet Medium Rob Gutro.

Rob lives in Berwick, Maine, and he has written many books about speaking to both humans and animals on the other side.

I spoke to him the other day about how exactly he communicates with the dead (cue the kid from The Sixth Sense...."I see dead people.").

Rob explained that after a pet passes, he/she may still be with you. You just have to look for the signs, especially if the pet was your constant companion.  If they pass to the other side, they do make an effort to reach out to you.

  • You may feel slight pressure/coolness next to you when you're sleeping.
  • You may hear a faint meow or bark.
  • You may see a shadow in the corner of your eye.
  • You may hear nails walking on the floor the way you did when they were alive.

I totally believe that our two-legged and four-legged friends are with us after they give up their bodies here on earth.

I always believed that, but I really had to get answers FOR. REAL.

My mom died in 2016.  So, I had to go to the science of it all.  Energy, which we all can agree is part of us, doesn't die. It just changes form.

Rob is available for readings to try and communicate with your pet that has passed.  He is actually teaching a course on how to do that with humans and pets.

All the information to get in touch with him is right here on his website.

And Rob is also not the only animal communicator and pet psychic. A simple Google search for say "pet mediums new Hampshire" or "pet mediums Maine" offers up a variety of options if you're looking for one closer to you.

Just a few of those other names include Sara Moore in New Hampshire and Danielle Mackinnon in Maine.

Do you have any pets you'd love to connect with?

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