Residents wonder if it's someone simply doing their job, or a complete creeper.

Imagine you are in your kitchen prepping Sunday dinner. It's Berwick, so the neighborhood is void of the ambiance of city traffic, meaning you hear every...noise. You hear a car slowing down, thinking it's someone coming over. A few minutes later, there isn't a knock on the door, or a "here" text.  You look up, and instead of seeing a familiar vehicle in the yard, it's a stranger taking a picture of your house.


According to their Facebook page, police have received two reports of a male approaching homes and taking pictures. When confronted the male has told the homeowners that he was sent by their mortgage company, and hands them an envelope. Okay, but the envelope is...empty?

The male was seen driving a blue car with magnetic signs on the sides. In both cases the male simply left the area. Police say of you experience this type of activity, attempt to make note of the registration and any other information.


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