I love..... LOVE!!  SO, I am always looking for people who are single to hook them up with each other.  On Saturday, I met someone who I thought might be perfect for a really good friend of mine, so I gave him her phone number.  Sure enough, he called her and I think they might be getting together soon!  YAY!  So, because I feel a bit responsible for the date, I thought I'd ask our listeners to give them a few ideas on the best places to go on a first date in NH or MA.  Here's what we came up with:

1. An Escape Room:  I've never been, but I have a friend who LOVES to go.  I think this is a GREAT idea.  They could see how each other problem solves.

2. Labelle Winery:  A great place in Amherst.  I remember when they first started, now they have a thriving business.  They could have dinner, then a tour of the winery!

3. Top of the Hub:  Always a winner in my book.  Very special place with a beautiful view of Boston.

4. Plum island point for a picnic:  This one might take a bit of preparation, for instance, who is going to get everything together, etc., but if HE'S willing to do that and surprise her?  That's a home run.

5. Seaglass at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury:   Make sure to get a reservation and get an ocean side table.

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