Have you ever stood in front of a soda machine and thought to yourself...'you know, a Sprite looks good, but pehaps an Orange soda, or even a Root Beer might hit the spot'? Not me. Not ever. Oh, I'll grab something from the soda machine, in fact I do it twice a day, everyday I'm at the radio station. At 6:15am I grab a seltzer, and at 8:50am I get a Coke Zero. Everyday. That's after 3 coffees in the morning, first one (Sporanos Roast) at 3:30am, the second (French Vanilla) at 4:10am, and the 3rd (Hazelnut) at 5:10am. Same selections every single day. It's my beverage version of Groundhog Day (although I must add that the seltzers come out randomly, so technically I'm living on the edge). Couch psychologists have at it.

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