The Buffalo Bills broke the rules on multiple occasions in yesterday's game against the Patriots. When will the NFL investigate?

They won't. They're not the Patriots.

(From PFT) On multiple occasions during the Bills Patriots game yesterday the Ralph Wilson stadium third-down train horn blared when it arguably shouldn’t have. The Bill's wanted to set the Guinness World Record for crowd noise and were willing to ignore NFL rules to obtain it.

The NFL has strict in-stadium noise policies:

The home team is permitted to play audio while the visiting team is on offense and the play clock is running. The audio must cease by the time the play clock reaches 20 seconds, or when the visiting team’s offense reaches the line of scrimmage, whichever occurs first. Pursuant to this policy, the visiting team’s offense is considered being at the line of scrimmage when the center touches the ball.

With everyone up in arms over the integrity of the game this off season, the NFL thought it was a good idea to remind all teams of the noise rules and sent a memo in August.

The Bills have no excuse! Except that they're not the Patriots. Time to move on.


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