Any hope of seeing JE11 take the field again this year was dashed yesterday as he remained inactive. Bob Socci discussed the many paths his future could take on today's 'A View From The Booth'.

New England Patriots Training Camp
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It must have been so painful for him to step away from the team earlier this season, when it was obvious that The Patriots desperately needed him out there.


I could see him wanting to return to the NFL and not wanting to exit on these terms. At the same time, The Patriots have him under contract for next year but it's 2.8 million dollars.


Is he a guy that they move on from? Or does he want to continue to play in the NFL but wants to do it in his last hours for a contending team?

-Bob Socci on Julian Edelman's Future With The Pats

So many important questions and they'll be answered sooner than later. It's weird how when The Patriots won Super Bowl LVIII less than two years ago, Edelman was The MVP, Brady had another year left with New England and it seemed like the never ending dominance would go on forever.

Little did I know at the time that 'Forever' would officially be over in less than a year. As they always say, NFL stands for Not For Long.

It'll be interesting to see if JE11 winds up playing with TB12 again, it's just tough to figure out with the number of weapons that TB (Tampa Bay) has, if he would even fit on the roster.

Speaking of 'Not For Long' our final 'View From The Booth' with Bob will happen in just six days! Where does the time go?

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