You may know his voice, but you might not know his story.

According to, Todd Angilly has the voice of an angel and it sounds like he has the heart of one, too.

Back in November of 2018, Angilly was working as a bartender at the TD Garden SportsDeck bar when someone rushed up and told him there was an emergency and they needed him to sing the national anthem at the game, the Globe stated.  He stepped up and sang so beautifully, he began the regular national anthem singer for the Bruins ever since.

During the pandemic and the rough times people are going through, Angilly lends his voice to provide comfort.  He sings at food pantries, in front of hospitals, and even people’s lawns to spread joy and help them forget their troubles for just a moment, according to the newspaper.

That’s why the has nicknamed him the “Pavarotti of the pandemic.”

Angilly lives in Lynnfield but grew up in Warwick, R.I., the newspaper stated, and that the big Italian man would love to hug everyone but during the pandemic, he knows he has to keep his distance, but he touches all that hear him with his song.

Whether it's to families lined up in Everett for food or to hospital workers, Angilly is a man with compassion.

He tells “It’s got to be rough. You know people are proud. If you have worked your whole life and provided and now you have to shift your focus and go ask somebody for help, that’s a big mental thing.  I can’t imagine what that would be like.”

He wants to spread joy with his voice and he has the voice of an angel.  Singing to healthcare workers or children at food banks, his compassion for others is what possibly makes his voice so sweet.  We are truly blessed to have him.  Sing on Angilly! oh btw GO B's

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