I never knew why it happens, when we get really high temps in January.  Now I do.  It's the Polar Vortex splitting!  What?!  It splits?

According to a report from WCVB, February will be the coldest month.  The polar vortex, which is always hanging out at the top of the world, behaves differently from one year to the next.  Effects of the Polar Vortex could be headed our way at the end of this month, the news station reported, and at that point, we will feel very cold temps in to February.

Sometimes, however, the polar vortex splits due to atmospheric changes and the vortex weakens and wobbles off the pole, causing an actual SPLIT, according to the Washington Post.  Think of cutting a honeydew melon in half.  What you see when you look at that half, the outside melon part is the cold part and the seeds on the inside is the warm part.  When we get warm temps, we are feeling the seeds.

Whenever we experience the warm weather in January, I rejoice, but secretly, I am afraid for Mother Earth if it lasts too long.  I will say, however, knowing what's happening made me feel a little better about the whole thing.

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