Boston Dinner in the Dark

If you're looking for a special dinner spot to bring someone with an adventurous spirit, you should treat them to Dining in the Dark, presented by, at Premiere on Broadway in Somerville, Massachusetts. While there, you are literally in the dark and blindfolded during dinner.

I couldn't quite wrap my head around this event, so I called Premiere on Broadway and spoke to the nice woman who answered the phone.  I explained that I didn't see the event on their calendar, and was wondering if it was even a thing.

She told me that the restaurant rents out the space for Fever, then provides the food for the dinner.  Guests who buy the tickets through Fever are escorted to the special room before being blind-folded and eating whatever the servers bring out.

Guests are required to choose a red meat, vegetarian, or pescatarian menu.  The woman I spoke to said that, "It's nothing crazy like cow tongue or anything like that."

Hip Italian American Restaurant in Somerville, Massachusetts

Premiere on Broadway in Somerville, Massachusetts, looks like a really cool place. It's known for their Italian American food and live entertainment.  The owner, Charles Zammuto, loves not only food, but the arts, color, and the energetic vibe.

These dinners are only offered on certain dates.  Check out for ticket information and costs.

I don't think I could get my husband to try this.  It would be a win for me to get him to put down his phone during dinner and look at other things besides that little screen.  I would try it, but would it be weird if I were blindfolded and my husband was not?  "Yes" is the answer to that question.

Maybe you can try it and tell me how it is.

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