Who knew there was such a thing as a National Best Bagger Championship?

According to a story from WCVB, Kathleen Maroun, who works at Roche Brothers in Downtown Crossing in Boston, was recently named the best bagger in Massachusetts.

Kathleen will compete on the National level in San Diego later this month.

One bagger is chosen from each state.  According to National Grocers website, New Hampshire's winner is Alex Gamache who works at Hannaford's in Goffstown.  Maine's winner is from Hannaford in South Portland, Nicole Cote.

On February 24, 2020 in San Diego, someone from each state will compete, but only one will be named the National Best Bagger in the country and receive a check for $10,000!

This competition is serious stuff!  Check out this video from the 2016 competition:

I wish there was such a competition "back in the day" for "best cashier."  I rocked that keypad like nodody's business AND my cash draw balanced perfectly every. single. time.  I wasn't an athlete in school, but I could ring up that toilet paper and cigarettes like the wind!  Where's my prize, I ask you?  Where is it?!!

Good luck, Kathleen, Alex and Nicole!  Oh.... and thanks for not squishing our bread!

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