The Vulgar Chef has invented a koozie, that keeps your beverage cold and eliminates your pizza craving at the same time. It's the Pizza Beer Koozie and it's edible!

Of course there will be issues with an invention like this. Will the pizza warm your beer, or will the beer cool off your pizza are the first questions that come to mind. Look, if I can peel pizza off of my beverage and eat it, I'm not expecting perfection.

This invention has limitations for sure. The pizza isn't going to be the tastiest pizza you have ever eaten, but that's ok, the point is, you don't have to move to get it, it's already wrapped around your can.

Might be difficult to remove the can from the pizza koozie, I didn't see them demonstrate that in the video.

Bottom line, is it practical? No. Is it fun? Probably for the first drink.