What? Didn't have enough empty beer cans to set up to practice shooting?


The York County Sheriff's Office is asking for our help. Apparently, they are having a real problem with people stealing, driving over, and shooting up traffic signs in Limington.

The streets that have been hit recently are Pinehill, Boothby and Hardscrabble Roads. Now the York County Sheriff's Department was very nice and mentioned how it's 'dangerous to the motoring public'. That's true, but I don't work for the police and don't have to be as diplomatic. It's just a DB move. It's selfish, stupid, dangerous, and makes me grateful I live with 13-year-old boys with better life skills.

It costs the town of Limington money. Plus, who steals or damages a 'trucks entering' sign? Do you know when you Google 'what is the most stolen street sign?' what pops up?

1. Katie's Crotch Rd., New Portland, Maine



We all have a 4th grader living in us. Even when we are well past the age that it's cute. Signs are stolen or damaged in every state for a variety of reasons. Most signs that are stolen are taken because of some sexual innuendo (Exit 69 for Big Beaver Road in Troy, Michigan) or some marijuana reference (good luck any Route 420).

But to shoot up a sign, that's a whole new level of stupid. The police encourage whoever did this to come forward. They'd like to chat. I think they just really want it to stop. I don't think anyone is looking to make their career with this huge arrest - so do us all a favor and grow a pair and turn yourself in. It would go a long way to get a lot of us to stop calling you morons!

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