The Boston Red Sox broadcaster will not accompany the team to London for their series with the Yankees, and he's okay with that.

If you're encouraged by the Red Sox recent turnaround (BTW...same), you're not the only one. Jerry Remy is excited about the reigning World Series champs. He recently told  “I think this last series was pretty big in Minnesota." “I was anxious to see that series because the Twins had the best record in baseball going in there, and we actually outplayed them throughout the whole series. Could have won all three, really."

The Red Sox are 7-3 in their last 10 games, ahead of a weekend series with the struggling Toronto Blue Jays. Until recently, the Sox were the team who couldn't seem to find their footing.

Health-wise, Remdawg says he can't complain. He was declared cancer-free in November, and his latest scan came back clean. He told “I do have my energy, and I was a little concerned about that in spring training going through this [treatment]. But I’ve been on some road trips and I feel fine."


Eventhough he is getting rest, Jerry is scheuled for around 90 games this season.


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