It is being reported by CBS Boston as a 'mild heart attack'. Apparently this medical issue took place in Milwaukee on Tuesday night.

Boston Celtics Media Day
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It's never a good idea to speculate on exactly what happened, but I have to assume that the stress and excitement during Game 2 of The Celtics Eastern Conference Semi-Final must have at least contributed to this issue.

It is quoted that Ainge, 60, 'received immediate medical attention' so, I have to think that the Celtics' medical staff attended to him almost instantly.

Here's the full statement from The Boston Celtics

Danny Ainge suffered a mild heart attack in Milwaukee on Tuesday night. He received immediate medical attention and is expected to make a full recovery. He will return to Boston shortly. Further updates will be provided as appropriate. -

I completely forgot that Danny had an issue with his heart back in 2009, it'll be interesting to see if he is allowed to attend the next playoff game on Friday night.

Aside from winning two titles with Boston in 1984 and 1986, Ainge was the mastermind behind one of the greatest trades in Boston sports history which brought Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to accompany Paul Pierce in 2007.

'The Big Three' would go on to win the championship that season.

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