One day circa 2005, I was groggily getting ready for high school at my house in Leominster, MA. I had to do a double take because I wasn't quite sure what I was seeing out my bedroom window. This MASSIVE creature was taking a drink from my dad's Koi pond he built in our backyard. The animal looked so ridiculously huge in relation to the small pond and being half asleep, I came to the conclusion that it was a dinosaur.

As it turns out, we hadn't transported to pre-historic times overnight. The animal was a female moose. The poor thing was spotted later that morning trotting down Merriam Ave which is a relatively busy road in my town. She was slipping on the slick roads and looking all confused. Animal control was called and I'm not sure what happened next. I like to think she was peacefully tranquilized and brought back to her family in the woods.

Taylor Blake spotted a moose over the weekend and captured it on video.

This moose looks far more comfortable than the one I saw in my backyard, probably because she is in her natural habitat.

Have you ever spotted a moose in your neighborhood?

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