Redheads Are Prone to Sunburns

I have heard before that redheads are particularly prone to sunburns.  There isn't an SPF number that's high enough for them when it comes to blocking those harmful rays for our ginger sisters and brothers.  One surprising fact that I just learned is that redheads tolerate more pain.

Redheads Can Withstand More Pain Than The Rest of Us

According to the NY Post,  a recent study coming out of Mass General Hospital, redheads are able to stand pain more than their blonde or brown hair colored counterparts due to certain cells in their body.  Those same cells are the ones that make them burn easily.  Weird!  Redheads also go from really fair skin to burn, back to fair skin.  They are unable to get that glowing bronze look that many of us strive for.

Some Cultures Think Redheads Are Evil

True redheads, according to this YouTube video, some cultures think that redheads are evil witches and have the ability to perform magic.  That's a bunch of hooey, however, it is interesting that, according to this video, redhead people can create their own Vitamin D!  Cool!

I can relate, although I am not a natural redhead.  I can't really tan either.  I go from white to red to white again, with some peeling in the middle.  I am, after all, over 50% Irish and I must have some of the same genes as true redheads, as do my siblings.  My brother John's beard comes in red, but his hair is dirty blonde.

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