This 'The Price Is Right' game actually used to terrify me when I was age 3, but it quickly became my all time favorite AND NOW you can play it at Hilltop Fun Center!

It's Cliff Hangers!

Just drop a token into the slot and it will bounce around the 'Plinko' like posts and drop through a opening that is numbered (1, 2 or 3).

Train Images

The mountain climber, shown above, will climb this many steps on his way to the peak. The ACTUAL yodeling theme song plays when he's moving!

Once he reaches the summit (he doesn't fall, thankfully) you are awarded a bonus of prize tickets from the spinning TPIR Big Wheel.

There are additional tickets awarded when tokens fall into the hopper from the shelf as well.

I really enjoyed this game (as you can probably tell from my impassioned review) and will no doubt return with my nephews soon enough with 'mountains' of tokens.