Traffic was reduced to a single lane each way at the Rochester tolls.

Northern New England commuters were warned Thursday's morning commute was going to be slick. Even with speed limit restrictions, and multiple bulletins, there were still a number of vehicles reported off the road, and many accidents were reported across the area.

While snow continues to fall throughout the day, most of it melts on impact. Between excellent sand/salt treatment of the roads, and a temperature hovering above the freezing mark, most are able to to navigate major highways without incident. Early Thursday afternoon, a major part of New Hampshire's Spaulding Turnpike was affected as a vehicle collided, and flipped onto its roof. As of 3pm, the tolls were down to a single lane in both directions. Officials reminded drivers roads can still be hazardous despite hours of attention.

The accident is still under investigation, and further details were not available at this time.


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