Rescuers had to use a GPS signal from the caller's phone when attempting to find them.

New Hampshire continues to brace itself for a 'Polar Coaster' winter. Heck, it's already started.

Temps have fluctuated fifty degrees, we've received over a foot of snow, only to see it vanish less than a week later, and we're do for a late week freeze.

In spite of a few days of cold, and a little ice on lakes and (especially) rivers, this doesn't mean conditions are safe for walking. Over the next few weeks, First Responders can expect an increase in 'through the ice' calls.

On Monday, Concord Firefighters received a distress call from someone who was reportedly 'waist deep' in mud.

According to Portsmouth Patch, multiple units, including boats were sent to an area off Loudon Road, as someone was stuck in the mud, and reportedly waist deep.

At first, they were not able to locate the person, so they used GPS locating his phone, which led them to a field behind Buffalo Wild Wings. A UTV from Chichester was brought in to get deeper into the area, because officials were concerned the fire truck might get stuck.

Eventually, three people and a dog were found in the mud and brought out, according to Portsmouth Patch. One was taken to Concord Hospital for treatment, according to scanner chatter.

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