As we plan to re-open in each state, we are continuously keeping our eye on the number of positive COVID-19 cases in NH, Maine and Massachusetts.

In New Hampshire, according to, 3,299

In Maine, 1,515

Because of this pandemic, we are paying less for many things like - airfare.  I've been dreaming of that trip to Hawaii for weeks.  Gas prices are super cheap lately too, but there is one category that we are paying a lot more for.

Have you noticed that the prices at the grocery store are going up and up and up?  Every time I got to the grocery store, I notice the receipt is higher than the week before!  All of my family are now eating every meal at home except for the occasional take out on Friday nights at one of our favorite restaurants.

According to WCVB, the rise in prices is because the pandemic has made people stay home to cook rather than go out to eat, so the cost of everything is going through the roof!

There is some good new, according to the report, ham prices are down 1.7%, butter down 1.3%, prepared salads are down 3.6%, cupcakes down 2.3% and tomatoes are down 1.4%.

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