New England has some beautiful wildlife, and thanks to trail cams, we can get a close-up view of some of these animals as they roam around our yards and woods.

Hunters love these cams, but other nature enthusiasts find them valuable as well.

Sue Cyr Stawarz recently made a post to the Portsmouth, NH Facebook group that's received over 400+ likes. The video, taken on Sue's GardePro E5 Trail Camera, shows two coyotes playing in her yard near the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth.

She shared it with WOKQ, and what was captured is sure to put a smile on your face.

The simple video starts with one coyote hanging out in the yard before his or her buddy energetically bounds up to them. As the two begin to play, the second coyote does a couple of what one might call 'zoomie spins' (does this remind you of your dog(s) at home?), before body slamming into his friend and knocking them over.

It's clear that the coyotes enjoy playing together, even though the second one has definitely had some caffeine.

Coyotes have been seen in Sue's yard on an almost daily basis, and she's continued to capture videos and images of them.

One commenter on the original Facebook post suggested that what we're seeing might actually be a courting ritual between the two. Coyote mating season, according to New Hampshire Fish and Game, is between January and March.

So if this is indeed a display of affection, these two are a little late to the game. Then again, it could just be some good old-fashioned playing.

Either way, these videos are always entertaining to watch, and we can never get enough.

Coyotes may be cute, but you probably wouldn't want to bump into one in the wild. Here are some animals from Maine that are also best admired from a distance.

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