Shark News Director Don Briand took this excellent picture of these huge, creepy birds as they perched ominously in Dover yesterday. And I know exactly what they are!

Don Briand Photo Credit
Don Briand Photo Credit

Turkey Vultures

It is rare to see a group of these 'scavangers' perched out in the open like this, usually they will take their rest on a big dead tree like this (they really like dead things I guess) but much deeper in the woods.

It it very common to see them all in flight, gliding slowly as they search for carcasses to feast upon.

Let's be honest, they're not the most beautiful bird in the world, but given the fact that New Hampshire has been overtaken by dead squirrels, it's nice to know these lumbering creeps are doing their part to clean up the roadways.

Shout out to Donnie B for taking this great picture! Usually they will flee from humans and are tough to capture in a photo.

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