Last week, it hit me.  I had to get a massage and I had to get one fast.  I consider massage therapy something that people need on a regular basis, much like cleaning your teeth.  I had a heck of a busy week and my muscles were screaming at me to calm down.  I tried sleeping, meditation, (not really) eating, (that kinda helped) but nothing really took the stress away from my shoulders.

Then I found her!  Her name is Megan and she works at Integrated Massage here in Dover.

Full disclosure here, I know Megan and have known her for many years.  I had heard she was starting a business and I wanted to help her out.

I went in, said hello to Megan, go in the warm room with the woooshy music playing and disrobed.  I already felt better.  (I've never really liked clothes all that much.  TMI, I know.)  ANYHOO, Megan is an amazing massage therapist and after I got off the table, I felt 1000% better.

I highly recommend massage in general and if you want a good one, go see Megan.  Life is stressful, so take care of yourself!

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