Today's celebrity obit features Ray Price, who was a great singer and had many big hits,both country and crossover and many fans and admirers which included Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and all four of my grandparents. The only problem is, until today I thought he had been dead for at least twenty five years. He died on December 16 at the age of 87...not 1987 like I thought. Look at the clip below

This was in 1981.. he was 54(!?!) during this performance. His hairdo may have been 54 but Ray? If memory serves I don't think those were still frames, when I was 7 being  forced to watch it, I think that's exactly how that concert looked to me.

I also saw Olivia De Havilland trending on Yahoo today so I thought there was a daily double of "redundancies". NOPE! Still alive and kickin' at 97! "Gone With the Wind" debuted in 1939.

Watch the trailer and you'd swear it really was 150 years ago but the woman featured fourth is STILL ALIVE!!!

So, I guess the question is.. would you rather go at the height of your fame like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe or James Dean? Or would you rather slip back into anonymity while still stacking cash from royalties? Or frankly, do you even give a damn?