Here are some fun and easy ways to trick out your house for Halloween.

Catherine Yeulet

In less than two weeks, the trick-or-treaters will be out and about all dressed up in their costumes looking for a treat.

If you like to add a little extra fun and surprises for the kiddies as they approach your house, but don't wan't to spend a lot of money, check out the following ideas.

 Make a big leaf pile ... and hide a surprise inside. Make use of the leaves falling around. Rake them into a big pile and encourage the kids to jump into the pile.

Here's where the surprise comes in. If you have an older child who doesn't take part in the candy ritual anymore, have them hide at the bottom of the pile. Before the little kids jump into the pile, have the person jump out of the pile. That move is probably good to scare adults as well.

 Hang some "ghosts" from your tree. Use old bedsheets to make those ghosts. All the materials you need are a basketball or soccer ball, the sheet, a needle and fishing line.

According to these instructions:

Wrap a piece of sturdy fishing line around the soccer ball at various angles, so that you can support it from a single line in the middle, then use your needle to stick that twine through an old bedsheet. Tie the line to a tree branch outside and you have yourself a ghost. You can easily pin eyes on the ghost, too.

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All this decorating fun will only set you back a few dollars at the most. Have fun!!