October brings pumpkins, mums on the front steps, apple picking and more deer on the roads.  UG!!!

This morning, on WMUR, they did a report about increasing deer population in New Hampshire from now until the end of the year due to their breeding season and I am NOT HAPPY about that!

I LOVE deer, but I drive to work in the wee hours of the morning.  I am in my car by 4am, which is prime feeding time for those cute little Bambi's and yes, I hate to say it, but I have hit not 1, not 2, but THREE deer.

The first time was on 101 Westbound going from Candia to Hooksett and right around Exit 3, there was a whole herd that you could see from the highway.  One of them decided to jump right in front of me and BAM, it was down.  When I stopped to call for help, (this was before cell phones) the deer was gone.

Second time, same thing, only this time at the 93 North split, heading in to Manchester.  The deer came out of no where and BAM again!  I stopped to call for help, (I did have a cell phone then), but couldn't find the deer.  It took off, probably to die.  UG!!!  I hate thinking about that!

Third time was the WORST.  Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  Worst place EVER to be in a car at 3:45 a.m. if you don't want to hit wildlife.  I was traveling about 20 MPH down my road and BAM again!!  This time, I forgot my cell phone at home, so I had to go back, get it and call the police to put the animal down because it didn't run away.  I don't think it could.  That was the worst one.  I cried with the other two, but this one, I BAWLED my eyes out.

I hope and pray that they stay out of the way.  I am not a reckless driver, but I can't go 10 MPH down the highway.

Maybe this video from Geico will help:


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