Yes, you read that correctly. A new spa just over the Massachusetts state line in Atkinson, New Hampshire, caters to adults role-playing in diapers.

It's called The Diaper Spa, or I should say *was* called The Diaper Spa.

The second this spa applied for a license, it hit the headlines and went viral nationally because of its unique take on therapy for adults called adult-baby lovers or ABDL. According to the National Library of Medicine, adult baby-diaper lovers or ABDL are people “who act a voluntary regression to a previous age and/or wear a diaper for psychological reasons.”

According to the website, this nursery-looking spa for short or long-term adult clients who role-play as children and wear diapers was denied a business permit.

According to The Diaper Spa website, which is now gone, it touted being the only physician-owned therapy of its kind in the entire world, open to any diaper-wearing adults who seek acceptance, respite, and care in treatment.

Dr. Colleen Ann Murphy, who applied for the license, says it's a kind of therapy that helps adults process what they suffered during childhood when they were in diapers or just getting out of diapers, and they want to feel that safety before the trauma, according to WHDH Boston.

Neighbors were not thrilled about it, and even though Dr. Murphy sought to clear up misconceptions about her controversial business. According to, the zoning board denied her permit.

You’ve got to agree with us. I mean, put yourself in everybody else’s shoes. Nobody has heard of this stuff, and you can say, ‘You just don’t understand.’ … But there’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that don’t understand because this is not something that’s a customary home occupation, and that’s where we can’t get past this.

Dr. Murphy has 30 days to appeal.

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