The noise coming from the Professional Football Sports Talk Machine has been loud and consistent. It implies Brady hates Belichick and he must be loving the fact that he got the better of him. This recent quote from TB12 couldn't be further from that concept.

Twitter VIA @buccaneers
Twitter VIA @buccaneers

I’m just incredibly grateful for what he’s meant in my life as a coach. He’s everything you could ask for as a player.


Incredible coach and mentor for me, had a lot of those in my career, but obviously he’s at the top of the list.

-Tom Brady on Bill Belichick 2/1/21

These are direct GOAT quotes from yesterday's media day.

I don't think they were just niceties and cliches. I think they were true feelings that Brady has spent a great deal of time thinking about since his departure from New England 10 and a half months ago.

Twenty years is a ridiculously long time to be on one team, especially competing at the highest levels of the NFL.

This decision, while I admit, looks HORRIBLE for Belichick right now, was mutual.

Not in the history of sports has someone performed at Brady's level at Brady's age.

Coach Belichick assumed that the team that he has built here will eventually get on track and compete at the highest level without a Quarterback in his mid forties at the helm.

It really doesn't look like that absurd a concept written on paper.

The bright sunshine and offensive riches of Tampa Bay were way too tempting for Brady to stay here and get another pay cut, for loyalty's sake.

I'm glad that Brady said what he said yesterday and I'm shocked that I was able to find footage proving it actually happened!

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