Seaport World Trade Center in Boston

On December 7, 2018, Pembroke Real Estate submitted a Letter of Intent for the Pier Revitalization Project to the City of Boston Planning Department laying out the intention of the project to:

  • Enhance public access to the waterfront
  • Create new public space and retail space
  • Improve the Pier
  • Create unique workplaces with increased natural light and views

Not a small project, to be sure!

From what I saw over the weekend, you can't walk inside the Seaport side of the World Trade Center. Everything appears to be gutted at this point as they re-develop the space.  There were lots of forklifts and other heavy equipment in the space.  It kinda looked like one of those home remodel episodes that I watch a lot of HGTV, only much, much bigger.

You can take a look at the Boston Planning and Development Agency plans here, but be prepared to spend quite some time going through all of this information, it's 231 pages long.

The Seaport currently has many world-class restaurants like Morton's Steak House, Davio's, and Legal Seafood.  The development of the Pier will enhance what is currently there and bring even more people to that beautiful part of Boston.  Right now, when I go visit, I don't have trouble parking.  There are parking garages everywhere and I betcha there might be more in the plan.

What I would highly suggest if you take a trip to Boston, don't wear your fancy new shoes that you want to show off.  Unless you want huge blisters on your feet, don't do it like I did this past weekend.  My friend also had cute shoes on and she decided to walk around Boston barefoot.  Not something I was willing to do, so my toes stayed tortured until I got home.  I got my 10,000 steps in that day anyway, so there's that.

The Seaport World Trade Center has been the home to many events including the annual Comic-Con.  THAT's always fun to watch.

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