You never know what you might see outside of your window!

According to a report from the Eagle Tribune, there was an Emu running around Haverhill yesterday.

The report states that the emu, named Kermit escaped out of his cage on Walnut Street in Haverhill where it had been waiting for a trip to Maine where it could live comfortably.  It was a windy day yesterday and a gust of wind came and blew open the gate that was keeping Kermit in!  He made a quick getaway and was running around the neighborhood.

Kermit escaped at about 9am in the morning yesterday and wasn't captured by Animal Control officers until 11:30 am, according to the report.  Two hours of freedom!

From what I remember about emus, they are pretty fast, so I wonder if he ran from neighborhood to neighborhood, checking out family dogs, running from big black cats and trying to find another animal that looked like him.

The report states that emus can't fly.  That seems kind of cruel, don't you think?  They have these big, huge wings, but can't fly.  Then again, humans have brains and many people don't think.... so there's that.

Actually, it much have been terrifying for the poor thing.  Kermit was captured after a pear from a nearby pear tree (who knew there were pear trees in Haverhill?)  and was taken to safety, the Eagle Tribune stated.

I'm hopeful that Kermit will live out his days on a farm in Maine where there are many like him or at least one.

Check out this video from WCVB:

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