The Manchester Police are looking for the public's help with a pursuit that happened last night.

According to their Facebook post, Manchester Police chased a stolen vehicle through the city, then called for help from the NH State Troopers.  The stolen vehicle got up to 120 MPH at times and managed to get away.

Later, police found the car, without the drivers in it behind the Grappone Honda car dealership in Bow.

This could have ended tragically in so many ways.  At one point in the chase last night, the vehicle nearly hit a Manchester Police cruiser.  Another point, the vehicle almost lost control of the car, which could have easily resulted in loss of life at those high speeds.

If you know anything about this, please call the Manchester Police at 603-668-8711.  Also, Police are asking you to call the Manchester Crimeline at 603-624-4040.

I so admire our Police for protecting everyone and putting themselves in harm's way each time they put on the badge.  I have always looked at the Police as a protector who should be respected.  They make the choice to keep the peace and help people in dangerous situations.  I wouldn't want to deal with what they have to deal with on a daily basis.

Thank goodness this didn't end up with anyone getting hurt.

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