I was completely unaware that you can get married in New Hampshire well before the age of 16.

In fact, according to an article in Seacoastonline.com," there are existing laws that allow girls as old as 13 and boys as old as 14 to marry with court and parental consent"

This comes to my attention as a Dover High School graduate sponsored legislation that is looking to RAISE the age of marriage to 16. That's right, I wrote RAISE to 16 years of age!

The bill cleared it's first hurdle and is headed to a vote next month in the full House.

I'm still stunned that in 2018, there is a chance that a 13 and 14 year old could be married legally in the Granite State.

I got married at 36 in NH, and there's chatter that I was too young. As it turned out, I probably was.

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