I BARELY remember Purity Surpreme, but I DO remember this commercial from back in the day.  Check out this hilarious video for PS that they did for the New Year:

This commercial is hilarious!  They are promoting "mini seafood SECTIONS."  LOL!  How did that conversation go in the board room in 1970-something?

"Hey Joe, we got a lot of these here seafood things.  Whaddya think we should call 'em?"    "Well, I don't know, Ralph.  How about if we cut 'em in to inch or so pieces and call 'em 'mini seafood SECTIONS?"  "That's brilliant, Joe!!"  

At it's height, according to Wikipedia,  the company operated 64 supermarkets in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut.

Apparently the Macaroni Salad at Purity Surpreme was amazing.

Train has this to say about it:

It was uh.... perfectly tangy... it's the only tangy mac salad I ever had and it was beyond awesome.  You just don't get tangy mac salad anymore.

By the way, there's a bonus in the video... there is a whole stream of old 70's commercials - one for Salvo Laundry Detergent that is SO SEXIST, it's HILARIOUS!!


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