We aren't a bunch of sissy girls here in the Granite State. We have faced a blizzard or two in our time and haven't batted an eyelash. However, one beast of a storm in 2008 is prominent in our minds because of the damage it caused and how long it took to restore everything.

(According to onlyinyourstate.com), It was the worst ice storm in over a decade and it seemed as though every inch of New Hampshire was covered in a blanket of ice.

Trees were down

So were power lines, leaving 400,000 people without power. (that is two-thirds of our whole state!!)

Cars were completely covered in ice

And OF COURSE this all went down conveniently in the middle of the holiday season. Utility workers and first responders worked day in and day out to try to clear up the damage, restore power and get back to life as we once knew it. In time, they did.

Were you living in New Hampshire during this storm? How long were you without power?

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