Today the NHDOT broke news that tolls may be rising on NH's highways. What? $2.50 to go through the Hampton tolls? A buck to get from Dover to Rochester? Oh, the insanity!



Listen, I'm not trying to be Johnny Penny Pincher here, but I remember a simpler time not so long ago. When you threw two quarters in a bucket, and it was hammer down time. If you were driving in the pre automated era, and you didn't try to outrace the toll light, you missed out on an amazing slice of life, my friend. The same dad who hit the roof if the thermostat was a little off, (Dads always know) is the same guy who kicked a big dent in any accumulated decent MPG with a quick rip outta the Dover tolls.

Alright, maybe that was my upbringing, and I'm projecting a bit here. Yet, the news of tolls rising got me me nostalgic to the point where I tried to remember how low they were when I started driving. Hampton was a dollar, Dover and Rochester were .50. I also remember Bedford at .75.

Can you go lower?


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