The DOT has set a date for the first completely cashless toll system in the Granite State.

According to the Union Leader, the Spaulding Turnpike, which runs from Portsmouth to Rochester will be the state's first cash-free toll highway by 2021. Department of Transportation Commissioner Victoria Sheehan told business leaders “really, our desire is to move toward all-electronic tolling.” Sheehan cites success in bordering Massachusetts. “It’s been very successful in Massachusetts, the cost of maintaining toll facilities is extremely expensive.” DOT spokesman Bill Boynton added that Massachusetts’ elimination of toll booths made the idea “much more part of a discussion” in New Hampshire among elected officials.

According to the plan reported by the Union Leader, New Hampshire would install overhead equipment to interact with vehicles’ E-ZPass transponders. Vehicles without transponders would be sent a bill for the toll’s cost.

For the amount of tolls actually paid by cash, (About 75 percent of tolls in New Hampshire are paid with E-ZPass) the move makes sense. Also, it cuts down on emissions.




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